Aireshelta Plc

Address: Station Yard, Station Road, Langley Mill, Notts, NG16 4BQ, United Kingdom

Telephone Number: 0044 1773 768 352
Email Address:


Aireshelta plc follow a Total Quality Management ethos – from the quality materials and component parts used in the manufacturing process to the high quality service that is extended to every customer.  We customer led and market driven.

It is upon this foundation of quality that we attempt our mission:- to manufacture and supply innovative shelter solutions that are fit for purpose.  Total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere – Kevin Bradley will make it a priority to visit the customer at their request, whoever they are and wherever they are.

Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere – The Aireshelta products could be deployed in the middle of the night, in outer Mongolia, in the middle of a desert!

The Aireshelta is a versatile product and the management team are always keen to work closely with the customer in developing a product to suit their unique application.

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