Aitex Textile Research Institute

Address: Plaza Emilio Sala No 1, Alcoy/Alicante, 03801, Spain

Telephone Number: +34-96 5 54 22 00
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AITEX is made up of textile and similar companies; their main objective being to improve the sector's competitiveness. For this reason, the institute encourages modernisation and the introduction of new technologies through R+D+i projects and in general, through activities which contribute to the industrial progress of the sector.

As a consequence, the task of the Textile Technological Institute is closely bound to the industries of the sector, either through the advanced technical services that the Institute offers, or through research projects considered of collective interest.

Any company or person who wishes can be a member of the Textile Technological Institute. Therefore, representatives of the associated members are who make up the Association's main body: the General Assembly, which elects the President and the Governing Board.

The organisation of AITEX is managed by the Governing Board, which designates the Research Director with the approval of IMPIVA and the Science and Technology Interministerial Commission (CICYT). The Governing Board approves the new incorporations of companies and/or people who wish to become members of the Textile Technological Institute and it also gives the Institute a broad outline of action.

Associated members may take part in the management of AITEX from the management boards, either from the General Assembly or from the Governing Board.

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