Alif International

Address: PO Darman Lagwal Minhasan Zafarwal, Narowal, 74900, Pakistan

Telephone Number: +92-3028244147 Email Address:


Alif International are tanning leather and making gloves since long time especially make Goatskin Crust Leather, Sheepskin Crust Leather, Cowhide Crust Leather And Cow Split Crust Leather for making leather accessories, And Gloves especially Leather Working Gloves, Welding Gloves, Synthetic Gloves, Kevlar Lined Gloves, Driver Gloves, and Welding Safety wears, Alif International nationally and internationally recognized levels of quality have been achieved.

Alif International Manufacturers and exporters of Leather, Leather Working Gloves and Safety Protection wears since long time to meet the growing need for high quality Leather and gloves. Since then it has gradually become a leader in the production of top quality products for a wide range of applications.