AS-Arbeitsschutz GmbH

Address: Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 11, Bedburg, 50181, Germany

Telephone Number: +49-22 72 90 60-0
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AS-Arbeitsschutz GmbH was founded in 1986. We have dedicated ourselves exclusively to the supply of wholesalers and retailers. Our main focus is the large-scale range of products in the glove area.

Some years ago, we created our proprietary brand NITRAS for the entire range of NBR coated gloves, as well as PVC coated gloves which became more and more significant for the market. Of course, to these and all our other products we attach greatest importance to a perfect proportion between price and quality.

The quality and effiency of our management system is proofed and documented by the Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

It is our permanent endeavour to keep on optimizing that system. Both, due to company-owned production plants, as well as due to acquired interests in production plants, AS possesses excellent conditons. We desire to offer a broad range of products, with the opportunity to deliver as often ex stock as possible.

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