Briggs Industrial Footwear Limited

Address: Edwin House, Cornwall Road, Wigston, Leicester, LE3 3HL, United Kingdom

Telephone Number: +44 (0)1162444700 Email Address:


Briggs has over 60 years of experience in meeting customers’ personal protective equipment needs. We market our product through a selective number of trusted supply partners and support this network of distributors with technical support, a fast in-stock service, field support and a tailored extensive marketing programme.

Our customers find that we are straight talking - we will tell you if there’s a more cost-effective solution, if a design can be improved or if you are using the right product. Highly innovative in product development our Himalayan brand is the market leader within the £30 -£50 RRP price point market for safety footwear. We have the perspective of lots of industries, including automotive, aerospace, logistics, utilities, oil & gas and marine and our extensive knowledge is at our customers’ disposal to help solve their problems, cost effectively. Within our parent company we have our own competitive factories but also fully accredited partners in Asia where lowest costs are the key factor.