Dunlop Footwear

Address: Hevea BV, Boeierstraat 12, P.O. Box 1, AA Raalte, NL-8100, Netherlands

Telephone Number: 31 (0)572 341 550
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Today, Dunlop is a pan European organisation specialising in waterproof general purpose and professional wellington boots. Dunlop merged with the Dutch footwear specialist Hevea BV in 1996 to combine knowledge and skill and together we have developed unique Purofort material technology. The company is a fusion of businesses whose roots go back through the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal; a strong combination of experiences, expertise and manufacturing capability originating from different climates, cultures and markets.
Today we still design, develop and manufacture all our own boots at our own sites, embracing original expertise with new technology.

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