Escape Mobility Company

Address: P.O. Box 2693, NL-6401 DD Heerlen, Netherlands

Telephone Number: +31 (0)45 5727031
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The evacuation specialist Escape Mobility Company (formerly Van Leeuwen Companies) has been offering solutions in Europe for evacuating persons from buildings since 1987.

As a result of further development of evacuation chairs, in 2006 saw the introduction of the Escape-Chair® and later the Escape-Carry Chair® (an evacuation and carrying chair). These are now supplied in various models. These products were followed by the Escape-Mattress®, the Evacuationsheet and in 2012 by the Escape-Mattress® Healthcare. These products are suitable for the healthcare sector, among other applications.

All products covered by the trade name Escape Mobility Company are produced exclusively in European countries, mainly in The Netherlands and Germany. This fact guarantees quality and is of European economic importance.

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