K6 Gloves

Address: Kashmir Road, Pacca Garha, Sialkot, 51310, Pakistan

Telephone Number: +92-524-296085
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K6 Gloves Specialist was established in 1999 in Sialkot, Pakistan as a family owned company. It started with the goal of producing high quality products and today it's a renowned quality gloves manufacturer in Sialkot Pakistan.

Our product range has a large selection of different gloves which include Mechanics Gloves, Industrial Gloves, Rigging Gloves, Leisure Gloves and Sports Gloves. Our products are made using different kinds of special high quality materials.

The company's site located in Sialkot includes a fully mechanised and modern gloves manufacturing unit, well-qualified management and administrative office. Our products are constructed from experienced craftsmanship which is the major key to producing high quality gloves. We regularly train our employees with new skills, deliver new technology, and update our quality assurance system. K6 Gloves has expanded at a rapid pace as our manufacturing capabilities have matured and grooved to meet the exceeding demand for our products in the international market.

At K6 Gloves Specialist, we truly believe that what you pay us is the price of your satisfaction and what you get is the basis of our long term business relationship with you. It is our aim to give our customers up to date information and products combined with high levels of friendly service.

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