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KÖRFEZ Is Güvenligi LTD. STI. Which began its activities in the Work Safety sector in 1999 by garnering popularity through marketing has made the decision to shift its activities to production in order to rectify the insufficiency in domestic production it has observed in the sector.
In this context, the quality, product diversity, customer satisfaction and brand value attained with the EFXA Shock Absorbing Headgear, which we began manufacturing in 2000, inclined us to rectify the absence of domestic manufacturers in the Breathing Mask market. The 100% domestic production success we achieved with the EFXA Shock Absorbing Headgear gained further momentum with the EGE Breathing Masks and made Körfez Is Güvenligi Ltd. Sti the first company to produce %100 locally made breathing masks
in Turkey. Aware of our responsibilities, we are continuously supporting our business partners in achieving awareness through pre-sale and post-sale training aimed at being correctly informed and the use of the correct equipment in the right circumstances.
We provide our raw material from Europe and we have received our certificates from Europe. All our produts have CE  EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and CE EN 812:1998 / A1:2001. A modern 2000m2 enclosed facilitiy in order to be able to improve customer satisfaction. Has achieved a production capacity more than 10.000.000 units annually. Quality, prices, geopolitics position, fast delivery and permanence of service the best reasons to preferring us from our customers.