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Address: 1564, Avenue de Lagardelle, 31810 Le Vernet, France

Telephone Number: +33 534 482 100
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As manufacturers of individual protection and security equipment, Paul Boyé Technologies is well know for its conceptual development, design expertise and responsive provider to the Department of Defence, the Ministry of Health / Interior both in France and by export. We are also a very formidable, and well established supplier to private industry with outstanding qualifications and capabilities for security and fire protection needs. Its know-how includes, but is not limited to: Protection and intervention equipment for biological, chemical , radiological and nuclear threats, as well as for fire protection, ballistics, explosives, extreme weather conditions etc; which can be adapted for extreme conditions such as riots, terrorism, gang warfare, industrial and technological threats (Seveso for example), natural disaster and fighting, of all types.

Paul Boyé Technologies is also a major player in the conception and supply of equipment to civil defence forces and the military, both for operational and everyday use, bringing with it a very robust organisational structure (logistics, IT...) which allows a complete outfitting service. At the heart of Paul Boyé Technologies is the optimisation of interaction between protection levels, maximum mobility for the operatives and system ergonomics. The products which have been developed by the R & D department of Paul Boyé Technologies, and approved by accredited laboratories, are made to international standards and norms. Paul Boyé Technologies is actively involved in national and European research programmes, and is owner of a number of patents.

Paul Boyé is one of the primary European manufacturers of uniforms, warfare wear et security equipment (EPI), and is one of the world leaders in the area of innovation and production technology.

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