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Pezzol was founded by Giuseppe Piazzolla in the 1950s. At that time he built up a small factory with a bunch of craftsmen that established the foundations of an industrial enterprise that over the years, has allowed the next generations of entrepreneurs to acquire a remarkable reputation as manufacturers of tough and comfortable boots and shoes for the working fields.

Still today Pezzol continues to be a privately-held corporation being managed by the third generation of entrepreneurs who keep the tradition of building Pezzol safety footwear; the two brothers Giuseppe and Michele Piazzolla are proud to manage a unique industry-concept based on a successful blend of Tradition and Technology marked "Made in Italy".

The High Quality Standards applied to the choice of leather and the craftsmanship of its shoe manufacturers enhanced by the ultimate shoe industry technology, make Pezzol footwear one of the most comfortable and durable safety shoes as well as one of the international leading brands in the industrial market.

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