Stryker Evacuation

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Stryker Evacuation continues the tradition of its parent corporation, Stryker — a patient-centered company and an innovative global leader in the technology of medical devices and patient care. From its founding in 1941, Stryker has always been driven by the need to enhance the safety and healing of patients.

Now, Stryker Evacuation extends that concern for safety and healing to many venues beyond the healthcare environment. The same innovative attitude that created leading edge medical devices has produced the next generation of products for evacuation.

    Products that allow fewer staff to help more mobility challenged people
    Products that are intuitive, easy to use and ergonomically correct
    Products that store within the environment, ready for an emergency
    Products that are cost effective for deployment in many locations

In any building of two stories or more, the safety of disabled or mobility challenged people must be considered. Stryker Evacuation works with its customers to develop The Complete Evacuation Solution, a comprehensive system of equipment and training to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every building occupant. Stryker Evacuation is ready to be your partner in planning evacuation scenarios customized to your facility and occupant profiles.

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