Turner Access

Address: 65 Craigton Road, Glasgow, Scotland, G51 3EQ , United Kingdom

Telephone Number: +44 (0) 141 309 5555


At Turner Access Ltd our guiding principle is achieving Best Practice in Access & Scaffolding with product innovations such as BetaGuard® Aluminium Towers and Low Level Access Platforms, and services such as system scaffolding solutions, scaffold contracts and work at height safety training.

Many years of innovation, including the development of award winning Collective Protection (fall prevention) equipment, has resulted in us becoming a leading and respected manufacturer and trusted supplier offering solutions for working safely at height.

We are the company that created the World’s first comprehensive Collective Protection Guidance Manual for safe working at height, preventing the risk of fall during erection, dismantling and alteration for all types of temporary equipment. Our Collective Protection Guidance Manual covers processes for safe working at height with traditional Tube and Fittings, System Scaffolding, composite towers and falsework in all of the main configurations.

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