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PMR SAFETY is an industrial manufacturer and a distributor of high quality Safety Products for more than two decades. A one stop quality safety equipment and materials provider. We are a committed quality safety equipment manufacturers and suppliers of choice and have worked with all progressive and established companies worldwide that believe in their employee’s safety. Given the opportunity, we deliver with a difference on time every time; we are called upon to do so.

PMR SAFETY is a full comprehensive line of safety products covering the needs of Customers and employees protection from head to toe including fall protection, environment protection and gas detection instrumentation to just name a few areas of protective gear

PMR SAFETY is an entity which creates intimate client relationship that cares precisely to provide quality products and safety requirements advises to its valuable Customers. Our success is in passionately adding value to our Customer’s investment by keeping up-to-date innovative products of international standards within our ambit of operations. PMR brand of products are approved and standardized by major Oil Companies and Corporations worldwide.

Our highly skilled professionals are consistently disposing their vast experience in the industry for assessing and tailoring Customers every safety needs and that uniqueness has strengthened the position of PMR SAFETY to evaluate the multifaceted industrial requirements.

PMR SAFETY has stock of Safety Products warehoused in five locations allowing it to ship and deliver within shortest time to any part of the world.


To make PMR SAFETY a pragmatic international quality safety product brand catering to every work place needs and achieving PMR SAFETY as a referral place to all safety professionals worldwide to make their work place safer and better with a unique difference.


  • To promote a positive and sustainable culture towards occupational safety
  • To provide consistent outstanding service to Customers and passionately connect with them for their professional safety needs.