Global Summit on Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities

Modern living sees increasing urbanisation with cities around the world expanding and transforming the landscape. This requires cities that are smart, secure and sustainable. Cities face increasing demand from their citizens for the essentials of food, clean water and power. They also require a smarter infrastructure that includes more efficient transportation, better medical facilities, access to information for work and leisure, all in a secure environment. In parallel, the increasing pace of technology development and rising consumer demands markedly that contrasts to diminishing natural resources and climate change creates challenges that are unique to this century. So how can cities prepare for these issues and what smart solutions can be used to create secure and sustainable cities?

The Global Summit on Smart, Secure and Sustainable Cities provides a platform where decision makers, industry and other stakeholders from around the world will gather to discuss these issues. The focus for this summit will be on the “opportunities and challenges in India” in the context of smart cities, energy and power, water and waste management, IoT and cyber security, and funding and financing projects and technologies. The Summit is brought to you by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), a Public Private Partnership initiative of Ministry of Power (MoP), Government of India, along with India News, one of the leading Indian News channels and Knowledge Partner, Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI), the oldest private power producers association in India.

Focus Areas:

    Smart City Technologies and Solutions
    Sustainable Development
    Smart Infrastructure
    Energy Management
    New and Renewable Energy
    Energy Storage technologies
    Smart Waste and Water Management
    Waste to Energy
    Smart Grids
    Smart Meters
    Smart Mobility and Transportation
    Energy Efficiency
    Cyber Security
    Internet of Things
    Security for Smart Cities

Who Should Attend:

    Municipalities and Smart City Administrators
    Representatives from the Governments
    Utilities and Regulators
    Technology and Solution Providers
    Subject Matter Experts and Academia
    Universities, NGOs, Think Tanks and Research organisations

        Energy and Power Sector
        Infrastructure Sector
        Water Sector
        Waste Management Sector
        Information Technology Sector
        Security Sector

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