Interschutz International Trade Show

INTERSHUTZ is a huge international trade show that takes place every five years. INTERSCHUTZ hosts a mixture of commercial and non-commercial exhibitors, from enterprises showcasing their new products to fire and rescue services demonstrating the latest equipment and systems in action on the outdoor demonstration ground.

Dates: 8th - 13th June

Venue: Hannover, Germany

What was the turnout for INTERSCHUTZ 2010?

More than 1,350 exhibitors from 46 nations showcased their products and services at INTERSCHUTZ in 2010. Occupying some 90,000 square meters of display space, the show filled the entire Leipzig Exhibition Center. 125,000 people attended INTERSCHUTZ over the six days of the show - 25% more than the organizers had anticipated.

Main topics for 2015

Fire Prevention

Halls 13, 27, Open-air site (FG): Seeing red

Featured topic areas:

- Vehicles and vehicle equipment
- Fire extinguishing technology and agents
- Equipment for fire stations and workshops
- Structural engineering, technical fire and building protection
- Associations, organizations, service companies

Disaster Relief

Hall 26, Open-air site (FG): Planning for the worst

Featured topic areas:

- Vehicles and vehicle equipment
- Equipment for technical support and disaster relief
- Associations, organizations, service companies


Hall 26, Open-air site (FG): Where every second counts

Featured topic areas:

- Vehicles and vehicle equipment
- Rescue, emergency, first-aid and medical equipment
- Associations, organizations, service companies

Safety and Security

Hall 12, Open-air site (FG): Better safe than sorry

Featured topic areas:

- Personal protective equipment
- Measuring and detection apparatus
- Security systems, control station and signaling technology, control and surveillance equipment, mechanical security, systems, individual devices for electronic security systems
- Information and organization
- Associations, organizations, service companies

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