Process Safety in Oil and Gas

The Process Safety in Oil and Gas conference is pleased to offer the most relevant and innovative solutions to key issues plaguing industry professionals today, with expert presentations, real world case studies, and practical roundtable discussions from with leading speakers from companies around the world.

Process Safety in Oil & Gas will take place in Houston, Texas on March 9th - 10th 2016.

Early Speakers include:

Kerry Holmes, HSE Manager, Weatherford
Leonardo Granato, HSE Director, Baker Hughes
Stephen Conroy, Project Engineer, Marathon Oil
George Estrada, Process Safety Specialist, BP

As exploration, production, and energy plant processes expand with the growing demand, the probability for incidents, disasters, and catastrophes also increases. Corporations can ill afford to become overconfident or complacent in their procedures or lose sight of safety standards.

An accident can have far-reaching effects on everything from the top line to the bottom— direct and indirect costs such as plant downtime, compensation claims, legal fees, and public image are all liable to be negatively impacted, not to mention the significant risk to human life.

Due to the magnitude of losses that can result, many oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and refining companies invest heavily in keeping their operational practices as safe and efficient as possible, especially as new technology and new ways for gathering data and expediting work are made available.

Energy companies can’t just focus on routine drills to emphasize process safety, which is why it is important for the industry to remain current and up-to-date on the latest challenges, operational procedures, and lessons learned in order to pre-empt and prevent hazardous catastrophes.

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