Tunnels Fire Safety Forum

Location:    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Date:        May 11 – 13, 2016
Contact:    Ada Tobias

The 4th Annual Tunnels Fire Safety Forum  brings together fire brigades, construction companies, operators, and the public sector in order to create a collaborative platform for discussion and sharing best practices. The 2016 edition of this event provides the delegates with practical knowledge, first-hand experiences, as well as an overview of the technical requirements.

Key topics:

•    Overview of the latest interoperability specifications
•    Findings the latest PIARC report on road tunnel safety
•    Technical trade-offs of designing tunnel fire safety
•    Electric vehicles in tunnels – hazards, challenges, and solutions
•    Lessons learned from 4 major tunnel fires in Norway
•    Details of fire-prevention systems of the Crossrail project in the UK and the EJMT tunnel system in the USA

Advantages of attending:

•    Exclusive event workshop - “Best Practices In Tunnel Emergency Planning And Response”
•    Site visit to a Province of North Holland tunnel control room & two tunnel objects
•    Practical knowledge delivered during 8 case studies
•    Multilateral collaboration of all associated parties
•    Presentations from leading construction companies in the UK, Europe, and the USA

Hear from:

•    Tony Cash - International President of RIFA, UK (Conference Chairman)
•    Han Admiraal - Chairman of ITACUS, Netherlands (Conference Chairman)
•    Shan Raffel - Fire Officer & Churchill Fellow at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Australia (Event Workshop leader)
•    Alan Curran - Fire Engineer at Crossrail, UK (Largest European infrastructure project)
•    Pierre Schmitz - Ex-VP & Honorary PIARC Member at PIARC Technical Committee on Road Tunnels Operation, France