Aimont takes Slip Resistant Footwear to New Heights

Aimont takes Slip Resistant Footwear to New Heights with the highest score ever recorded for slip resistance on ceramic tiles with soapy water, at 0,98

Renowned Italian premium safety footwear brand Aimont’s new 24 Bit collection of stylish safety shoes is one of the top rated in the world. The elite 24 Bit footwear range exceeds required EN Standards by more than three times, and simply cannot be bettered.


Aimont has achieved this outstanding result by combining an exclusive mix of types of polyurethane with transverse channels on the outsole pattern, ensuring exceptional grip on any and every surface.

All models in the Italian-designed 24 Bit range are classified SRC, which means they have been slip-resistance tested on both ceramics with water and detergent and on steel with glycerin.

The 24 Bit range is not only about fantastic grip. The footwear is also extremely lightweight and comfortable, thanks to its anatomically shaped antistatic ComfortPlus footbed, smooth, breathable lining, shock-absorbing gel and clever ventilation system.

The product of years of research and development, no-one would ever guess that such a sporty, fashionable shoe would contain such a myriad of amazing, market-beating safety features.

The collection comes in 18 exciting new styles, boasting the latest safety technologies, ranging from S1P to S3 classifications under EN ISO 20345. All shoes have aluminium Alu-Lite toe caps, giving 200 Joule protection but with half the weight of traditional steel toe caps, and have anti-static and oil-resistant properties, energy absorbent heels, and puncture-proof midsoles. The S3 models, which provide the highest level of safety, are also resistant to water penetration. The majority of the unisex 24 Bit collection is available in sizes 2-13.

Managing Director Stuart Thorne said: “If slipping is a problem, 24 Bit is the solution. Not only does the shoe offer such fantastic grip, it has good durability and does not wear quickly. 24 Bit also has self-cleaning cleats that are not susceptible to clogging. 24 Bit is a fashionable, sporty, and very attractive range of shoes and boots that provides world-beating slip resistance and safety performance.”

Fast delivery of the high-performing 24 Bit footwear can be obtained by calling Stuart Thorne on 01543 441918.

More information is available from: or by calling Stuart Thorne on 01543 441918.