Another life saved by MSA V-Gard helmet

Industrial Maintenance applications are very similar to Construction ones: most of the time unidentified dangers, such as falling objects. Risks are different site to site and co-activity between different subcontractors at the same time also creates a danger, especially when multi-level working.

This is exactly what happened to a worker near Middlesbrough in UK. While working on a plant shutdown, Karl James Swann, 23, was hit by a hammer accidentally dropped by workers 25 m above. He received a cut to the head but he was treated by paramedics on site before being sent to the local hospital .He was released the same day with only the cut to the head, with no fractures or concussion. Undoubtedly the helmet saved his life and prevented a more serious injury.This fall of a hammer of 3.5 kg from 25 meters has an impact energy of 700 joules. For information the EN397 Industrial Helmet standard impact testing consists of a 5kg round striker dropped onto the helmet from 1 meter, which simulates a force of 49 joules. So in Karl’s case the MSA V-Gard helmet protected 15 times more than the minimum energy required by the standard.

This story is a reminder of the importance of regularly checking your helmet, including thesuspensions for cracks and distortion, and to be sure the helmet will play its role in such a situation.

In addition it highlights the importance of the V-Gard textile suspensions which provides the user not only with comfortable, stable fit but alsoincomparable and consistent energy absorption. Karl works for Central Industrial Services Ltd, a company basedin Redcar, Cleveland. He and his girlfriend have a four month old baby. He credits his MSA V-Gard® Helmet with saving his life: "What can I say, I'm here, I'm eternally grateful that the V-Gard has saved my life". V-Gard helmets protect the head of our most valuable assets.

Gary Buckingham and Gary Bendoris, from MSA Britain Sales team visited CIS Ltd to present the Gold Helmet award to Karl, the employee who was struck by the hammer. The Gold helmet award is a concept of special helmet that MSA created for people who were protected by their helmets.

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