Communication Solutions to prevent hearing damage

Hearing damage caused by exposure to noise at work is permanent and irreversible. Research estimates that over 2 million people are exposed to noise levels at work that may be harmful , with industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy and water supply claiming the largest number of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss disablement benefits.

Hearing loss usually develops from long-lasting exposure to noise and progresses over time, however damage can also be caused by sudden, extremely loud noises. Working in noisy environments also makes communicating with others more difficult often resulting in the need for the person to remove their hearing protection device to hold a conversation with someone. This may not seem to be a dangerous action; however the combined impact of this could reduce the overall attenuation protection during the working day. In fact removing your hearing protection device to aid communication for just 30 minutes over an 8 hour shift reduces the effectiveness of your hearing protection by half .

As part of its commitment to keeping people safe in the workplace, Arco has created an Expert Guide on communication solutions that has been specifically designed to provide guidance on the selection of hearing protection which feature integrated communication capabilities and to advise on the different types of communication solutions available in the marketplace.

Hearing protection with integrated communication capabilities enable workers in high noise environments to communicate with each other efficiently and safely. People who use the specialist equipment will be able to hear warning signals and quickly communicate with their co-workers. Hearing protection with communication capabilities should also eliminate any tendency to remove hearing protection in situations where it is required removing any potential feelings of isolation. This equipment can also help to increase productivity as employees can communicate better with each other thus increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Arco’s Expert Guide offers comprehensive guidance on employee protection, legislation conformance and product selection. The guide also offers several communications options, including products such as two-way radios, radio headsets, intrinsically safe and in-ear microphone plug solutions. All of Arco’s hearing protection conforms to all relevant European Standards and carries the CE mark, complying with the requirements of the Personal Protection Equipment Regulations 2002. The CE marking signifies that the protection satisfies certain requirements and in some cases will have been tested and certified by an independent body.

Arco Training and Consultancy, the specialist arm of Arco helping customers achieve full health, safety and environmental compliance can provide a wide range of services to help identify health hazards and appropriate control measures in the working environment, including noise risk assessments and personal dosimetry. For specialist knowledge and advice on hearing protection, Arco has a team of experts and a technical specialist who can provide customers with a bespoke on-site service. The technical specialist offers comprehensive advice which is independent of any brand and focused on providing solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

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