Dräger device to support Garda crackdown on drug driving

One of the leading manufacturers in safety technology, Dräger, has won the contract to supply the Medical Bureau of Road Safety in Ireland with its drug testing device for use by An Garda Síochána. After a tender process, the Dräger DrugTest 5000 was selected by the Medical Bureau of Road Safety as its preferred device. It comes as the gardaí prepare for a major crackdown on drug driving in the coming months. The DrugTest 5000 will be used by gardaí at the roadside, where it will test for up to four of the most commonly abused substances.


The equipment has been designed for real time usage, with saliva samples able to be analysed immediately for precise results on the spot. If a driver fails the roadside test, gardaí will be able to arrest them on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and they will need to provide a blood or urine sample at the station.

Mark Burrup, Dräger‘s drug and alcohol specialist for Europe North region, said: “We are delighted the Dräger DrugTest 5000 has been chosen to support the Garda in its crackdown on drug driving.  “This has been a joint venture between Dräger and our Sales Channel Partner in Ireland, Respro. Dräger has extensive experience working with police forces around the world and with many decades of expertise in the field of drug and alcohol screening, we understand the importance of supporting officers in this crucial role. “The DrugTest 5000 uses real time technology and can be used quickly and easily by gardaí at the roadside. The equipment will play a vital role in reducing the number of drug drivers on the road and the impact they have in the safety of others.”   

Dräger worked closely with its Irish sales channel partner, Respro, throughout the whole tender process. Damien O’Reilly, Managing Director at Respro Ltd., said: “Dräger and Respro have enjoyed a long-standing partnership in Ireland and we’re very pleased to have supported them throughout the tender process. A big factor in Dräger’s success are the technical elements of the equipment, laboratory developed, robust and reliable. Dräger also has existing experience working with the Garda, which also uses its Alcotest 6510 equipment.”

The Dräger DrugTest 5000 is already widely used by police forces around the world.Whilst operating in real time, the Dräger DrugTest 5000 also has extensive data management capabilities, allowing for up to 500 individual measurements to be stored at any one time. An integral part of the equipment, this offers longer term solutions for users, with trackable data supporting target areas for enforcement.

The latest announcement follows a successful year for Dräger in the field of diagnostics to date, as Dräger’s DrugTest 5000 became one of the only pieces of equipment to be UK type approved for the testing of cocaine and cannabis at the roadside. The company also recently launched its DrugCheck 3000 to compliment an already extensive drug and alcohol testing portfolio.   

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