Health & Safety Fails

Occupational Health & Safety rules and regulations vary wildly around the world, and some work environments are inevitably going to be a lot safer than others. However forgetting strict rules is one thing, ignoring all common sense to get a job done quicker/more 'conveniently' is another. Here are a collection of examples where there seems to be no thought spared for these lethal dangers whilst working!

What's more risky than working with electrics? Doing it in a puddle of water of course! We won't even go into detail about the protective gloves/clothing this man should be wearing anyway, but it's worth a mention.

If there's a world record for how long a person can lie underneath a car wheel, this man could win. Needless to say that back wheel looks delicately placed and neither the lifting device nor his body could hold the car in place should there be a slip...

A very brave man who's just fulfilling his job description, apparently. Maybe it's time for a career change before a 'work accident' occurs.

Whilst supervising your young child welding, always make sure they wear safety gloves and shoes! Joking aside, there's a strict age limit to handling power tools and we do not believe this little operator has quite reached it yet.

Some improvisation techniques might be regarded genius despite rarely scoring points from health & safety inspectors. However, the idea to place this weak and unsecured plank 'bridge' was clearly just plain dim.