Latest in head protection from Scott Safety

Head protection is required in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space. During 2011/12, the HSE reported a total of 8355 head injuries, with 19 proving fatal. Some of these injuries may have been prevented by using the correct head protection and could signify a reluctance amongst workers to wear personal protective equipment. To ensure wearer compliance, it is essential that protection is comfortable, durable and practical.

Scott Safety, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of personal protective equipment, has recently introduced a number of enhancements to its range of head protection to meet the stringent requirements of today’s workers. Recent developments include a new flame retardant bump cap as well as alterations to the ratchet headgear on its safety helmets.

Following the success of its third generation Protector First Base bump cap, Scott Safety has now developed the First Base 3 Flame Retardant bump cap which provides industrial workers with additional protection. Whilst retaining the same standard of comfort, style and protection as its predecessor, the new bump cap has been specifically designed for applications where hot sparks may be a hazard, such as automated welding lines, grinding or where flammable liquids are used in the production process. The First Base 3 Flame Retardant bump cap has been approved to the latest EN812 standard and incorporates the optional flame test.

Scott Safety’s helmet head harness combinations are widely recognised as some of the most balanced and stable available and the new foam padded safety ratchet helmet headgear has been designed with wearer functionality in mind. The new ratchet safeguards against accidental adjustment, with its push and turn action ensuring that accidental loss of tension cannot occur. With practicality a fundamental requirement, the new design can be easily adjusted with one hand, without removing the helmet from the head. The new wide size adjustment also permits use with gloved hands, making it easy to use when working at height, in windy or inverted positions.

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