Monitoring Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential

When working in hazardous environments, having adequate protective and safety equipment is essential. This is particularly important for those working around hazardous substances or in confined spaces where they are subject to dust, gases, fumes and other vapours.

Be sure to have the right detection devices, such as the Scott Safety Protégé multi-gas monitor. This device can monitor the breathable atmosphere within a confined space and measure from one to four gases including oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, and combustible gases

Manufactures within the Health and Safety inductries are constantly inovating products to help protect workers in these situations, including the provision of personal protective equipment, but it is important to remember that those working in hazardous environments must have easy access to adequate safety solutions and be aware of how to operate them correctly.

Personal alarm safety systems and communication devices can provide instant and continuous safety monitoring of personnel and can help maintain contact in tough situations. Gas detection devices can provide early warning to workers and help protect them from the effects of explosion and fire or flammable, toxic and asphyxiant gases.

Monitoring Equipment