New Move Spectacle and Altimeter released

New High Viz Move spectacles and a new UV400 clear version of the successful Altimeter have been added to MSA’s range of Protective Eyewear. The new models feature stylish design, extreme robustness as well as excellent wearing comfort, as with all MSA eyewear.


The lightweight model comes with high visible neon orange temples and nose pads in a sportive modern style. For outdoor applications you can choose between smoke or high contrast orange lenses, both with Premium UV400 Filter. Clear lenses with a real UV400 filter are perfect for indoors but also outdoors when glare reduction is not required! The wrap around lens with "Sightgard" anti-fog coating features also good anti-scratch properties. The soft temple tips and the angle position adjustment for the temples ensure individual wearing comfort.

Altimeter UV400

The introduction of Altimeter with UV400 smoke lenses last year has revolutionised the eye protection for many outdoor workers across Europe. Now MSA offers a UV400 clear version of this very successful spectacle to make sure that the Premium UV Filter protects you whole year even when you usually don’t wear smoke lenses. UV 400 protection is important even when you are not in direct sunlight as outdoor workers receive up to 10x more UV radiation- increasing the risk of cataracts or blindness. Altimeter features a hybrid design with the flexibility to choose between headband and temples. The soft frame for complete eye enclosure and the indirect ventilation ensures all day comfort.

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