New PremAire Combination

Streamlined Design for Industrial Airline Applications

MSA is proud to announce the introduction of the new PremAire family of Industrial Supplied Air Respirators. The globally approved PremAire Combination, a hip-mounted Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) with compressed air cylinder and application specific configurations, enhances MSA’s Industrial SAR solutions portfolio in the global oil, gas and chemical industries.

The core component of the PremAire Combination is the unique combination valve design. It combines the first stage pressure reducer, the cylinder valve and the cylinder gauge within one assembly, creating a very small size and profile that is less likely to snag when working in confined space. A hard cover for this assembly ensures additional protection and easy handling of the air cylinder. The belt and shoulder harness assembly provides increased comfort and ergonomics for long duration jobs while at the same time allowing the repositioning of the air cylinder from the right hip to the left hip or any other comfortable position without the need to doff the whole device. The holster carrier secures the air cylinder while allowing easy and fast detaching or attaching of the cylinder to provide high maneuverability in tight places.

The PremAire Combination can be equipped with either the 3S or the Ultra Elite full face mask in combination with the AutoMaXX lung governed demand valve. Depending on the type of application or approvals requested, four different configurations can be ordered: PremAire Combination Escape (EN402), PremAire Combination Airline/Escape (EN14593-1, EN402),  PremAire Combination Airline/SCBA (EN14593-1, EN137) and PremAire Combination Mini (EN137 – Type I).

Its versatile configurations and unique features make the PremAire Combination the ideal choice for demanding industrial airline applications.

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