New release from MSA In the alphaBELT holding & rescue belt

MSA is proud to announce the introduction of another fully integrated fall protection solution, following the successful and award-winning alphaFP fall protection harness for SCBA. alphaBELT is a sleek, durable and multifunctional holding belt for the daily work of first responders, that can be easily integrated into an SCBA. Besides restraining and positioning, it allows the rapid formation of a safe rescue seat for selfrappelling.

Previous fall protection solutions, like firefighter holding belts, class A rescue loops (jacket integrated solutions), or an SCBA on top of a fall protection harness, bear significant risks or are not approved for self-rescue purposes. Furthermore, these solutions do not consider the weight and shifted center of gravity of the SCBA user. alphaBELT is the ideal response: a secure class B rescue seat – the only rescue loop approved for self-rescue with an SCBA.

The alphaBELT holding and rescue belt convinces through its work-saving and securing comfort features and the versatile application of the lanyard. In addition to its approved rescue seat functionality, it can be detached from the belt to be used separately as anchor point or class A or C rescue loop. To offer complete protection against the various and special risks facing firefighters, the alphaBELT system is tested beyond levels required by European Fall Protection and SCBA standards (e.g. maximum load of 140 kg instead of 100 kg).

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