Safety is Broken

Barbour EHS, the leading health and safety information service invite John Green from Laing O’Rourke to kick off 2016 webinar series

John Green has spent the last four years developing a new message for the industry. The message is that safety is broken and needs to be done differently. On the 12th February at 2pm, John will present an  hour-long webinar for Barbour EHS, providing  an extensive overview of  the difficulties surrounding safety management systems, the negative focus on accountability, compliance overload within the industry, and the application of the “safety differently” model.

John highlights the need for change: “We need a new era in safety, a new era where human beings create safety. Continuing to do what we have always done is not going to lead to different outcomes and it is unlikely that we can break through the asymptote on safety progress with them. We should not of course simply abandon everything we have done so far; much of it has been highly successful and productive in reducing unnecessary injury and whatever we do moving forward cannot be at the expense of increasing injury rates. But we must realise that it will do little more than hold us steady.”

The webinar will cover the following topics:
• How the industry is suffering from compliance overload and why people are not the problem;
• Why zero harm is just an aspiration and success should not be measured on an absence;
• Why safety management systems have become merely liability systems;
• Why do we struggle with what goes right, why do we need to blame;
• Using the “safety differently” model in the workplace.

John has worked in the oil, gas, petrochemical, electronics and heavy engineering, construction and aviation sectors and has 38 years’ experience of industrial safety. He is recognised and respected as someone who does safety differently and as major force for change in how industrial safety is delivered.

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