The brand new Safety Helmet System V-Gard® 900 with integrated 360° protection

Workers are being exposed to a wider range of activities and hazards which requires PPE that increases safety and supports worker productivity. Safety helmets with integrated eye/face protection reduce the number of individual PPE pieces and increase safety by having the protection readily available when needed.

Based upon these market trends, MSA extends its wide portfolio of V-Gard Industrial Safety Helmets by launching a new series called V-Gard 900. This premium range offers comprehensive "above the neck" safety solutions with unique comfort, patented adjustment systems and customisable designs.

Two versions feature a dynamic design and a premium ABS shell for maximised strength and lateral crushing protection. Unvented version offers protection against molten metal as well as electrical insulation according to EN397 (440V) and EN50365 (1000V). Perimeter channel on the brim shell helps divert rain or debris away from wearer. Each model is fitted with the comfortable Fas-Trac III ratchet Suspension equipped with premium washable and replaceable sweatband. It is also worth mentioning that the complete range is certified electrostatic-INERIS for safe use in ATEX/explosive environments.

The new range is available in 2 different models to suit different application and needs;

V-Gard 930 offers balanced, modern, low-profile head and integrated eye protection – in one product. Integrates built-in over spectacles with intelligent adjustment and innovative rubber seal. Fitting easily over all corrective glasses but ensuring gap free eye protection solves the biggest user concern for integrated solutions. The over spectacles offer premium anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

V-Gard 950 offers balanced and lightweight head and integrated face protection – in one product. This helmet integrates a face shield certified for protection against arc flash according to GS-ET-29 Class 1. Customers like the reliable, one handed smooth visor movement, and even wearing gloves. One truly unique feature is the optional arc flash ear-flaps to ensure the unmatched level of protection against arc flash on side: user accident analysis showed that users are mainly burnt on ears because they tend to turn the head when arc flash occurs.

Various customisation options (shell colours, micro-prismatic reflective stickers for 360° visibility, badge holder for user identification or full colour pad printing logos) foster wearer acceptance for this new range.

MSA developed this new range with the involvement of more than 350 users from more than 250 different customers at the different development steps: concept definition, prototype testing to final product wearing test in real field conditions. MSA decided to involve customers from various market segments (OGP, Construction or Utilities) and of different sizes (individual craftsmen to global companies).

V-Gard 930 with integrated overspec is available from stock in June. The Electrician Set V-Gard 950 with integrated arc flash visor will be available from stock in Autmn.

MSA is a global leader in head protection. The unique range of high-quality helmets protects industrial users, fire fighters, rescue teams, police, military and jet pilots. MSA has been involved with industrial helmets for over 50 years, with more than 120 million V-Gard helmets sold worldwide. MSA designed the new V-Gard 900 range.

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