V-Gard® Arc Flash Visors

MSA extends its wide V-Gard Face Protection Range by launching a new Arc Flash Visor class 2! These new electrician’s visors provide reliable protection from arc flash effects: high temperature, flying debris and powerful radiation. Together with the innovative retractable chin guard, they are certified to the highest European arc flash protection levels according to standards GS-ET-29 [class 2, 7 kA] and EN166/EN170. In combination with V-Gard electrician’s hard hats, they are one of most compact electrician’s sets with GS-ET-29 class 2 on the market!

V-Gard Arc Flash Protective Visors are made from a patented injection-moulded blend of dyes and nano particles in a polycarbonate matrix. They absorb the arc energy layer by layer, which ensures the high temperature doesn’t get through the visor to injure the wearer.

Being very light green, they offer the highest visual light transmission according to GS-ET-29 (VLT Class 0), providing maximised light transmittance and colour recognition. Unlike some other Arc Flash Visors in the market, with V-Gard Arc Flash Visors additional lighting at typical work places may not be required. As mouldings they are optically correct, which ensures the best vision and reduced eye fatigue. Two visor versions are available: compatible with helmet-mounted earmuffs or with extended ear protection shape, covering the ears. Both feature an anti-fog coating for a clear view in challenging situations.

To protect the wearer’s neck and ensure that the arc flash doesn’t get below the visor to damage the face or neck, the V-Gard retractable chin guard is certified in combination with these visors. This chin protector features unique retractable plates to allow greater flexibility of head movement, both up and down, as well as side to side. With the wide face coverage in the most compact design, the visor-chin guard combination is safe and practical to use, especially in confined spaces.

V-Gard frames and electrician’s helmets V-Gard, V-Gard 500 and V-Gard 520 (EN397 440 VAC, EN50365, 1000 V) have all been included in the GS-ET-29 class 2 (7kA) Open-Box Arc Flash testing.
For a perfect Electrician’s Head & Face Protection Solution, MSA offers a set ready to go or you can combine MSA electrician’s helmets, frames and Arc Flash Visors individually. As a customisation option, MSA offers professional full-colour printing on the shell – logos, text or pictures.

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