Escape-Chair® Comfort

Supplied by Escape Mobility Company.

The evacuation chair for use in an emergency!

With the help of the Escape-Chair® just one operator can bring a physically-dependent person down the stairs to safety. The Escape-Chair® is available in various designs to meet every situation.

The Escape-Chair® is an indespensible evacuation chair for transporting people down the stairs in an emergency!
This evacuation chair model has a foot rest and arm rests, making it ideal for use with the disabled or the elderly in offices or local government buildings, as well as in care centres and nursing homes.

The foot rest and arm rests ensure safe and comfortable positioning for people being rescued via the staircase.

The Comfort Model also has a double ergonomic, curved back support and a strong, extendable handle, which is adjustable in length. Anti-slip foam grip on handle and a padded headrest are other features of this model.


* Fire or smoke alarm
* Power failure
* Bomb alert
* Lift failure

* Ready for use in seconds
* Does not block the stairways
* You decide how quickly to descend
* Makes the evacuation flow
* Fits into every evacuation plan

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