Escape-Chair® Standard

Supplied by Escape Mobility Company.

The evacuation chair for use in an emergency!

With the help of the Escape-Chair® just one operator can bring a physically-dependent person down the stairs to safety. The Escape-Chair® is available in various designs to meet every situation.

The Escape-Chair® is an indespensible evacuation chair for transporting people down the stairs in an emergency!

Standard Model

This is one of our basic models in our range of evacuation chairs. This Escape-Chair model is provided with an ergonomic single back support and a stable extending handle, which is not adjustable in length.


* Fire or smoke alarm
* Power failure
* Bomb alert
* Lift failure

* Ready for use in seconds
* Does not block the stairways
* You decide how quickly to descend
* Makes the evacuation flow
* Fits into every evacuation plan

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