Supplied by Escape Mobility Company.

The Escape-Evacuationsheet is suitable for use in Hospitals, Care and Nursing Homes and is made from 100% Thermo-secured polyester. Washable.

    The Escape-Evacuationsheet is permanently situated between mattress and bed frame
    The Escape-Evacuationsheet is used as hauling equipment
    Functional with all bed models
    Functional with all existing care mattresses
    Safe operation by one person
    Glides on all surfaces (even on wet floors)
    Cloth, belts and buckles are made of 100% polyester
    Tension strength of the tapes is 500 kg
    Washable at 95 °
    Can be disinfected with the regular bed disinfectants
    Tension force necessary for a patient weighing 80 kg and
    174 cm tall is 24-26 kg

Dimensions: 90 x 197 cm

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