Air Knives

Supplied by Air Control Industries.

An Air knife is a precision engineered plenum chamber, designed to produce an efficient, effective, clean, high-velocity air curtain. They have the ability to remove surface debris, dust, water and any other liquids that may form or pool during the manufacturing process.

Air knives are available in various configurations and materials to suit the exact customer application.

  • Available in two standard diameters - 50mm (ACI ref: AK05) and 76mm (ACI ref: AK08)
  • Available in anodised aluminium alloy (AA25) with Stainless Steel 304 fittings. Also available in Stainless Steel 304 and 316
  • Adjustable slot width and available in lengths of 10mm increments, with a maximum of up to 4.5 metres
  • Stainless Steel options are available in a wide variety of shapes including chevrons, squares and multiple angles
  • Various mounting options available; with longer and/or multiple inlets if necessary
  • Tailored to customer specific requirements
  • FREE (UK only) demos / customer site surveys available

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