Cleaning Booth

Supplied by Air Control Industries.

ACI's Personnel Cleaning Booth is an effective solution to clean worker's dirty work clothes without exposing thPersonnel cleaning boothem, their co-workers, or the work environment to elevated dust levels.

The cleaning booth provides a safe and highly effective means for removing and extracting and/or collecting residue (such as dust and fibres) from people. The powerful air flow produced by the integrated JetBlack and the method of extraction means the booth is a completely safe solution.

Companies and industires worldwide are discovering that the cleaning booth is an essential tool for workers safety in dusty environments:

  • Fibreglass Boat Manufacturing
  • Mining and Quarrying Operations
  • Industrial Minerals Processing
  • Construction Sites
  • Cement and Plasterboard Manufacturing
  • Metals Recycling and Refining
  • Paper Manufacturing and Processing
  • Textile Plants... and many more

Clean Down Booth Features include:

  • Down-flow air movement - blows air off worker and into galvanised steel floor mounted grate
  • Standard system delivers high volume (500ft/sec, 58CFM), low pressure (2.52PSIG, 70In.Swg), clean and filtered air. Please note - a further choice of cleaning power includes Air knives with high velocity blower
  • Maximum pressure with nozzle blanked (5.36PSIG, 148.5In.Swg)
  • Modular construction
  • Interior powered lighting
  • Entry/Exit door hinged, powder-coated metal with makralon window
  • Choice of extraction units to choose from

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