PMA8 Aerofoil Axial Bladed Fan

Supplied by Air Control Industries.

ACI's aerofoil axial bladed fan is a unit offering high volume air delivery at low pressure. It is suitable for both delivery and extraction duties.

Flow & Pressure: Flow rates up to 1550 m3/hr (900 CFM) with pressures of 0.75in.SWG (1.8mBar)

Motor Type: External Rotor Motor / shaded pole induction IP44

Nominal Supply: 230V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz
                               380/440V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz

Options: Inlet guards

Materials: Fancase - cast aluminium LM6
                    Impeller - galvanised sheet steel

Finishes: Unpainted or stove enamel as std (black)

Mounting Options: Inlet drillings

Noise: 82.5dB(A), 1M Free Air

Weight: 7.0Kg / 15.4Lbs

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