IL-80 LED Hand Lamp

Supplied by Atexor Oy.

Now with 80 lumens LED bulb and 21 hours operating time! Available also with emergency lighting function (EM)Robust IP 67 housing. ATEX Zone 1DNV Type Approval Certified.

MICA IL-80 ATEX LED is ideal general purpose handlamp for use in explosion hazardous areas. It has an incredible 21-hour operating time, so there´s no need to worry about depleting battery. The shock resistant cover is manufactured completely of antistatic plastic and its enclosure class is IP 67. The lens of the lamp is five millimeters thick and specially toughened. The IL-80 ATEX LED lamp boasts unparallel electronics, versatile functions and an extremely robust structure for Zone 1!

Advanced electronics of intrinsically safe IL-80 ATEX LED prevent deep discharge of the battery and indicate low battery charge. The electronics warn the user of low battery charge by flashing the light beam when there is 20-30 minutes of operating time left. The MICA ILC4 charger recharges MICA IL-80 ATEX LED even in +40°C.

Main fields of use: explosion hazardous areas, oil & gas industry, fire fighting, military, industrial emergency light…

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